Vectorization is a process of transforming raster (pixel images) to vector drawings. A raster image is formed from pixels, like the picture obtained from a scanner, or the screen image on a computer monitor. It has a finite amount of detail which is dependent upon the image size and resolution. The closer magnification of a raster image the courser it appears. Our talented artists only use manual tracing to vectorize graphics this enables us to provide the highest quality vector conversion making efficient use of points and vector structure eliminating unnessesary objects, layers and artifacts produced by tracing software


Once converted to vector graphic your artwork can be scaled up and it will still remain sharp! Vector based data requires a minimum storage space as compared to raster formats. Converting any kind of data, be it an image, logo or graphics, from image to vector conversion requires highly skilled labor. We can convert any Logo, Stencil, Map, Illustration, Artwork, Sign, Badge, Decal, Patch, Photograph, Scan, etc. to hand drawn vector image.