An Overview of Internet Marketing


Table of Contents


1. Social Media Marketing

2. Social Media Optimization

3. Search Engine Marketing

4. Search Engine Optimization

5. Backlinks Services

6. Content Writing

7. Site Audit

8. Reputation Management


Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is an important aspect for any business. Every company should consider marketing on at least the four major platforms for social media. These include Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Google+ is another social media site to consider as well as Pinterest and some of the other newer sites that are becoming quite popular.

If you are not currently using social media for your business it is important to get started right away. Most people now trust social media more than any other type of advertisement. This means that social media marketing is the new norm and your company needs to consider upping their social media marketing plan.

Social Media Optimization

Social media optimization is extremely important for many reasons. Social media drives traffic to websites, with many sites such as Etsy, Forever 21, and Comedy Central currently getting more traffic through social media sites than they get from Google. There are two factors that will determine whether or not your site will see traffic from social media. They are how interesting the content is and how easy it is shared across several networks.

Essentially, social media optimization increases traffic to your site as friends encourage friends to read specific content. Appealing to one person can lead to several of their friends becoming interested in your company as well. Here are several ways to optimize your site for sharing on social networks:


1. Use Widgets to allow people to share your content on their blogs.

2. Use a social sign in. this will help you connect with the user and gain valuable information about them.

3. Comment on other sites and share

Search Engine Marketing

The idea behind search engine marketing is really quite simple. When a person is searching the web either through a text box or by using a directory hierarchy they are hunting for information. This is a unique time as it means the person is actually interested in finding information about a specific topic. This also means that a person is likely in some part of the buying cycle, which is why it is important to have your company site at the top of the search engine sites. Search engines are the best type of targeted organic traffic for your site.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization or SEO is extremely important for getting the targeted organic traffic to your site from the search engines. The purpose of optimizing your site is to get it as high as possible on search results lists for targeted key words and phrases.

Keywords should be placed throughout your website appropriately. This includes in the titles, image names, URLs, and of course your content. When considering keywords for your site think about how someone is going to search for information about the topic. Always make sure that there are keywords in the page header as well as in the title tag.

It is important to create URLs for your site that is search friendly. The URL should be clear as to what the site is for and about. It is also a good idea to avoid Flash as it will not help your SEO efforts at all. Remember, the search engine spiders can only search for text so if you have images on your site make sure that they have titles, preferably titles that include key words or search terms.

Backlinks Services

When it comes to SEO backlinks are extremely important. When considering backlinks to your site it is important to remember that quality is more important than quantity. It was not that long ago that many web site developers would simply create numerous backlinks to their sites without the links being checked for quality. Search engines are now punishing sites that have poor backlinks, which is why it is important to consider the quality of the backlinks that are being chosen. Make sure to choose backlink services that have high reviews.

Content Writing

When it comes down to it, the content writing for your site is one of the most important things. Sites that put up poor content are not going to do well overall. Quality content is the king to both social and search engine optimization. It is important to have information on your site that is credible and interesting. When a person is looking for information about a particular topic they want to find it at a source that they can trust. Search engines are designed to look for relevant content to the key search terms that are posted by the user.

Site Audit

It is important to conduct site audits on a regular basis. There are site audit services that can help you through this process. The task of performing an audit of your site can be a bit overwhelming as there is a lot of research to do. In order to make it easier consider using a checklist. The following checklist is a good place to start, but you may need to tweak it a bit for your particular site.

Quick Overview: start with a quick overview of your site. You will want to check your indexed pages by conducting a site search. Write down the pages that are returned and make sure that the homepage is showing up first. If the homepage is not first there could be some problems. Make sure that your content is showing up in Google’s cache and that there is navigation links present.

Content: Next, check the content of your site. A homepage should consist of at least a paragraph and your landing pages should have several paragraphs. Try to make the text unique as opposed to using template text. Check your keyword targets and make sure that you have not overused any particular keyword as your site can be punished for this.

It is also important to consider the amount of content versus the amount of ads on your site. No one wants to be overwhelmed with advertisements when they visit a site for information. Keep advertisements tasteful.

Reputation Management

It is important to consider reputation management when creating your social media marketing plan and your search engine marketing plans. Social media offers a way for consumers to interact with a company directly and this can lead to problems for businesses when customers have a complaint. It is important to always monitor feedback found on your social media page as well as in other forums. Take care of each issue as it arises.

Many companies think that they need to remove any complaints made against them, but this is not necessarily true. Keeping the complaint posted and resolving the issue in a social forum is a great way to show potential consumers that you take care of problems should they arise. A person that has a complaint about your business and is happy with the way it is resolved is more than likely going to become an advocate for your brand. Use this to your advantage.

There are many great internet marketing services available that can help ensure that your site is optimized for both search engines and social media.


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